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Are Functional Beverage Shots Worth It?

Are functional drink shots beneficial, or are they just filled with tiny bits of “fairy-dusting”?

Functional products are the most recent and innovative nutritional supplements on the market today. When true to their name, they can deliver potent nutrients directly into our body. No wonder they are growing in popularity.

Increasingly, we as a society are coming to understand that our health is directly related to the food we consume. As a result, many people have started to focus on preventative medicine. The appeal of functional beverages is that they promise to provide the very essential nutrients and vital components we need for optimal health.

The Problem with Many Functional Beverages

Not all functional drinks, or functional foods and snacks, are created equally. In the market today the definition of a functional beverage is broad and unregulated. Examples of functional beverages can include energy drinks, fermented teas, herbal drinks, fortified fruit drinks, and even enhanced water. Nearly anyone can claim that their beverage is “healthy.” Unfortunately, many functional drinks on the market have more drawbacks than benefits.

High in Simple Carbohydrates

Fruit drinks, blended juices, and smoothies all sound healthy. Yet, even if they have “healthy” ingredients, many functional beverages are loaded with sugar. This can lead to systemic insulin resistance, obesity, dental decay, and a myriad of other health disorders. In such cases, it would be much better to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables on their own. Fresh produce is cheaper and contains beneficial fiber that mitigates the naturally occurring sugar.

Added Caffeine

Energy drinks, in particular, are often saturated with high doses of caffeine. This can temporarily make a person feel energized, but the long-term effects of high-dose caffeine can take its toll on the body. Not only can caffeine affect the endocrine system and our hormones, but caffeine is also a diuretic and can leach vital nutrients out of the body.

Marketing Ethics and Empty Promises

Many products on the market simply do not deliver what they promise. In fact, many drink products have nutrient dose levels that are too low to have any real therapeutic effect. We call this “fairy dusting.” Essentially, a small dose of something healthy is added as an ingredient so food and drink manufacturers can exaggerate the health benefits of a particular product. However, the dose is negligible and doesn’t really have any positive effect. What’s more, these ingredients have long lost their minimal nutritive power during the processing and shipping phase.

At URBL, we’re different. We focus on quality and nutrient density. We want you to feel your best, and we have superior, nutrient-packed solutions to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

How Are URBL Shots Different?

URBL’s delicious drink shots are loaded with vital nutrients, including adaptogens, nootropics, hepatoprotectants, gut boosters, and antioxidants. Few functional drinks on the market can boast of such a diverse and nutritious array of ayurvedic botanical ingredients backed by science. Each individual shot contains 10 amazing, bioavailable botanicals, and in amounts that powerfully impact the body. URBL is the only product of its kind to be licensed in Canada as a “Natural Health Products” with proven and approved benefits. URBL shots are, in themselves, plant-based superfoods consolidated in convenient, easy-carry bottles. URBL’s plant-based product line is divided into three drink options: URBL Roar, URBL Shield, and URBL Glow. Variety packs, sampling all three shots, are also available.

The Bottom Line – How URBL Benefits You!

URBL keeps up with your busy lifestyle. Bring URBL with you to the office, while you’re on the trails, to your next yoga session, and while you’re out enjoying summer fun! URBL’s liquid shots are easy to carry and travel with you anywhere.

Take URBL on the go and fuel your daily adventures!

** Please note that this article is not to be construed as medical advice. **

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