Our Mascot

Born on an ice floe, never did PBBL experience a glow.

The environment is gloomy and pale, his life is dull and stale.

He dreams of an exciting life daily, with his only friend Whaley.

Far in the ocean a cargo ship meets its fate, floats to PBBL a bottle from URBL crate.

One sip of the quencher, PBBL jumps on an adventure.

Hoping to find the source of the URBL fountain, PBBL is on his way to the Pebble Roots Mountain.

Started as an adventure, PBBL has second thoughts about his risky venture.

Exhausted, and frightened, nothing seems good or enlightened.

Suddenly appears a fin in the ocean, nothing can be worse at this time of commotion.

Worried about getting fed to the shark, he freezes, looking stiff and stark.

As PBBL thinks his life has come to an end, out pops from the water Whaley his friend.

The friend offers him a rejuvenation potion, PBBL puts his adventure back in motion.

Crossing the ocean, PBBL has found the mountain through his devotion.

Curiosity has led him to a dreamworld, he is enchanted to see the contrast to his own world.

Trees, flowers, and a lake, he can’t believe he is even awake.

Greeted by brahmi, the flower of grace, PBBL is ready to feel its warm embrace.

The perfect end to a day of exhaustion, the mountain has offered PBBL a refreshing decoction.

Cushy milk thistle and a shade of lemon, it certainly is a flavor from heaven.